Contribute to the decrease in the number of unemployed people, especially the youth and the people with disabilities by providing artisan skills towards quality and gainful employment opportunities;

Facilitate skills acquisition towards employment and enterprise opportunity;

Encourage and create a sense of personal accountability amongst the youth;

Make sustainable impact on communities and the economy;


Ensure return on investment for investor companies and organizations as per requirements of BBBEE codes.

In the end, this programme will provide unemployed youth with access to opportunities that will develop them into participating economic players with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Skills for Life have formed a Strategic Partnership with Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre. In terms of the partnership agreement, Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre will provide training to incumbents from within the communities that have been identified by Skills for life.

Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre is a practical training centre focusing primarily on employable skills training and development of the following areas of expertise:

  • Boilermaking,
  • Rigging,
  • Pipe Fitting,
  • Welding,
  • Plumbing,
  • Electrical,
  • Carpentry,
  • Bricklaying,
  • Painting / Decorating,
  • Aircon & Refrigeration
  • Sheet Metal Work.

The role of Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre is to equip beneficiaries with essential skills using a workshop environment over a period of 15 days or less. This ensures that students are able and competent to start working immediately following the course.

This will assist beneficiaries to become assets in their own right as our workshops provide the necessary basic training whilst students are productive from day one.

No formal experience is needed and beneficiaries don’t need to have matric as a qualification.  Training will cater for the following:

  • School leavers that want to specialise in one of the trades mentioned above
  • Skills improvement for individuals already working in these trades
  • People wanting to complete their trade test
  • People wanting to change careers

Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre is a proud member of APPETD (Association of Private Providers of Education Training and Development) and only does short courses and are exempt to register at department of Higher Education.  “Intuitions that offer short courses, non NQF Programmes or parts of qualification, are not affected by registration in terms of the FET Colleges act, 2006.


After successfully completing the course, students receive a certificate, enabling them to work in the trade for 4 years; thereafter they are able to apply for their Trade Test. We also update CV’s and send students details to 70+ Labour Brokers able to assist with job placements.