Foster a synergistic relationship between private and public sector to embrace social investment as a common vision for all of us;

Foster an entrepreneurial culture amongst previously disadvantaged groups;

We also aim to ensure that people earn a living and rise out of poverty;

Entrepreneurs that come through this programme will overtime create other jobs as well as empowering other individuals and communities in which they live;

In the main, this initiative will create an enabling environment for start-up of small businesses through skills for life providing skills through the following:

Training as artisans’

Mentoring and Coaching.

Skills for life will provide the community member with the following step by step start up pack for those that are selected to go this route. This will be costed separately on request.

We are driven by the fact that all companies and organizations have within their structures a tool to make a difference and if all of us take up the challenge and use our resources correctly, the picture will look different.

We will concentrate on the following groups:

Able-bodied unemployed individuals – youth and women.

Disabled – unemployed individuals

Cost type/description Once off
Entrepreneurial pack R50 000
Business registration R5 000.00
BBBEE certification R2 500.00
Artisans skills training R14 000.00
Start-up tools and equipment R15 000.00
Basic entrepreneurial training R5 000.00
Marketing pack R8 500.00
Marketing pack includes the following :
1 x sign board

500 x business cards

500 x flyers

2 x car magnets

Logo design

Total R50 000.00